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Dry pause type classification

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Selection (1) raw material granules, powder, particles, silt, crystal, liquid, paste, suspension, solution and continuous sheet, plate, irregular material (small or large), viscous, or block, etc。(2) the average yield of continuous operating inventory or finished product, intermittent operating inventory or finished product and its adjustment range, etc。(3) the finished particle average particle size, particle size distribution, particle density, bulk density, water, etc。(4) at the inlet and outlet of the material moisture content of dry and wet。(5) the material properties of chemical, biochemical, microbial activity, heat-sensitive (melting point, glass transition temperature), moisture absorption isotherm (equilibrium moisture content), etc。6。 The drying time drying curve, the influence of operating parameters。All landowners heater form contact type (direct and indirect)。End up fuel to choose steam, coal, electricity, oil and gas。Pet-name ruby drying fan, auxiliary equipment dry dust collector, wet dust catcher, feeder, the feeder, finished product cooling and conveying device, etc。Attending special request form material, corrosive, toxic, non aqueous affinity, flammable and explosive limit, ignition, color, structure, fragrance。Attending drying system Drying equipment And the accessory equipment cover an area of an area。

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